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"Help! My wardrobe may be stuck in the 90’s."

Q. I am returning to work after a bit of time off and want to update my wardrobe as I feel I may be stuck in the 90’s! I need to be smart but not suit smart. I am 42 and a size 14 (curvy). I would like some advice in some key pieces I can mix and match and shoes! 


A. The first thing I would do is get onto Pinterest and put together a mood board of looks that appeal you. Once you’ve done this you’ll see certain themes appear which will help you identify the gaps in your wardrobe. As a general rule I would advise having enough outfit combinations to last you two weeks/ten days if you work full time, that way you’ll only repeat each outfit twice in one month. Aim for 3-4 bottom halves with 6 different tops that work with all of them and maybe a couple of jackets/layering pieces if your office is cool. I’d then add a couple of dresses into the mix to change things up a bit. Don’t shy away from colour and try to have a good range within your wardrobe to keep things uplifting.

Accessories are a great way to add interest and variety and if your working environment is more casual I’d also have a bit of fun with your footwear. Leopard print is a neutral - it works with everything, so a good option for your shoes to add fun and interest.

Answer by Anna Mewes, Personal Style & Image Consultant


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