Sell Your Upcycled
Clothes With Us

Make money by selling your upcycled clothes on Re-Fashion and connect to an audience of women who care about sustainability.

  • Zero fees - introductory offer
  • Convenient - we handle shipping and returns
  • Shared values - our customers will love what you do

To list with us just follow the four easy steps below.

step one

Take Photos

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. We say, only if the lighting's good. Here are some tips for good product photography;

- Tell the story
Before and after's are great and make sure you've got a strong hero image.

- Show the details
Highlight any design features.

- Human touch
Show someone wearing the item. It brings it to life and becomes a good reference point for sizing.

- Lighting
No need for fancy lights just photograph in a well lit space or near a window with good natural light.

step two

Product Details

We need some important information to sell your upcycled creation.

- Description
Make it personal. What's your design vision? Why did you create the item?

- Price

It's unique so don't undervalue it.

- Size

The more details here the better. If its on a model tell us their size.

- Biography
Tell us about you, include a profile pic and any links to social media.

step three

Make a Sale

Yippee... you’ve made a sale! Don't worry we’ll contact you when this happens. You’ll then need to post us your item so we can package and fullfill the order.

step four

Get Paid

Kerching! 30 days after your item sells we'll transfer the funds into your account (minus our 20% fee). The reason we wait a month is just in case the items gets returned. 


How much do you charge?

It's free to list your items but when they sell we charge a fee that's 20% of the sale price. This gets deducted from your pay out.

Can I change the price after an item has been listed?

We'd rather you got the price right first time round but if it's not selling and you want to reduce it please contact us.

Why can't I send my sold item directly to the customer?

We can't send you a customers details due to GDPR. You'll need to send us the item and we'll then package it up and send on to the customer.

What happens to a returned item?

We re-list it and store it in our warehouse. Hopefully we’ll find another buyer soon. But if you’d like it returned please contact us and we can arrange delivery (although you’ll need to pay for postage).

I'm ready to sell

Send us an email if you're interested