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  • Make a difference - reduce fashion's impact on the environment
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How it Works

Where Does My Donation Go?

As well as giving your unwanted items a new life your donation will support the Rieves Foundation.

a charity focussed on helping protect the environment through activities which promote sustainable fashion.

How Much Goes to Charity?

We believe charities should earn more from donated clothes, that's why between 20% - 60% of an items sale price goes directly to the cause. Full donation values available at

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Making Fashion Sustainable

The U.K throws away 350,000 tonnes of good quality clothes each year. In monetary terms that’s £140 million worth of used, but wearable, clothing being discarded.

Re-Fashion has teamed up with Very to help stop this waste and move towards a circular model where unwanted clothes go to new owners and not to landfill. That's why we've made it easy for you to donate the clothes you no longer wear. Raising money for charity and helping the environment.



What is Re-Fashion?

Re-Fashion is a secondhand women's fashion store that raises money for charity by selling donated clothes online. 

Why is Very partnering with Re-Fashion?

The partnership aims to to reduce the amount of good quality, wearable clothes going to landfill by encouraging as many of Very’s 3.5m customers as possible to give up their unwanted clothes for new owners to give them a second life. 

How much of my donation goes to the charity?

Depending on the original value between 20% - 60% of the sale price goes to the cause. Generally better quality items will raise more money for charity. 

What types of clothes do you accept?

We love high street fashion and designer brands - just as long as they're in great condition.

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