Ask Anna...
"I've got big feet, what styles would suit a size 8?"

Q. I’m tall which is a blessing in many ways but have size 8 feet which often means I discount lots of shoe styles for fear of looking like a clown!  Do you have any advice on what styles to look out for or avoid?


A. I’m as size 8 too and honestly, I wouldn’t discount any shoe size! You’re tall, so your feet are simply in proportion with the rest of you. If you don’t want to make your feet appear larger than they are then my advice would be to opt for round, rather than pointed toe styles and avoid chunky styles. Other than that I would say enjoy your height and go for any shoe style that makes you smile - the good news is that the larger styles are often still available when the sales hit so if you shop smart you can grab a bargain too!

Answer by Anna Mewes, Personal Style & Image Consultant

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