Why Re-Fashion?

Re-Fashion is about more than just ridiculous deals on amazing brands. We stand for something. We have a purpose. Everything we do supports our vision of creating a world where no item of clothing ends up in landfill.

Creating a Second-hand Movement

The average person buys 60% more clothing than they did 15 years ago, and keeps them for half as long. It's this desire for newer and cheaper clothes that has created a waste problem for our planet.

Instead of new, what if we bought second-hand clothes that were like-new? We'd still get our fashion fix, but at a price our wallets and the planet could afford.

Easy to Shop Second-hand

All our clothes are triple-checked for quality and sold at the best price. We offer a great user experience, quality assurance and easy returns. So when you shop Re-Fashion it's feels the same as when you shop at your favourite fashion website.

Easy to Recycle Clothes

We get unloved clothes out of peoples wardrobes and into the hands of happy, new owners. And we've made it super easy to do. Order a ‘clear-out’ bag online, declutter and send the bag back to us for free.

Think Second-hand First

We're pioneering smart garment technology that will be sewn into retailer surplus stock. We call it Circular Surplus, and it will track an items circularity as well as promoting recycling and reuse to the owner. One day all clothes will be made like this.

Planet Positive

From Rag Bags to Zero Waste to Eco Friendly Packaging everything we do at Re-Fashion is focussed on reducing fashion’s carbon footprint and driving circularity in the UK.

We also use the money raised from reselling clothes to fund sustainable fashion initiatives and support individuals who pioneer the reuse, repair and remaking of textiles.