Fixing Fashion’s Waste Problem

Fashion brand’s have a problem with surplus stock - items they can’t sell or returns that cost too much to process. These perfectly good clothes are seen as low value and can been shipped overseas, binned or sometimes even burnt.

We don’t view them this way, we see them as your next incredible bargain.

But for us to feel ethically right selling surplus stock we need a way for these clothes to be easily reused and re-homed. That’s why we created Circular Surplus.


The first smart garment that tracks its circularity and promotes reuse.

All right, clever clothes

All Circular Surplus products have a digital twin connected to the cloud and are intelligent. By scanning the QR code on a garment’s label, you can access live data unique to that item, such as;

- Number of times is been recycled.
- Number if of weeks you’ve owned it
- Estimated resale value

This data is used to engage and encourage reuse.

Get all the credit you deserve

Circular Surplus is about giving you access to great deals on end-of-line fashion from UK-based brands.

And when you are done with the item, you can send it back to us in exchange for credit to shop on Re-Fashion or our partner brands.

Beta Tester’s Wanted

Right now Circular Surplus is in beta and we’re looking for more people to trial the technology.

If you’re a fashion forward bargain hunter who cares for the planet then email and we’ll get you on the program.