60 Seconds With: Sophie Bradbury-Cox

Sophie Bradbury-Cox’s Instagram feed is a celebration of fashion and colour and one we’ve fallen for hook, line and sinker. Coupling bold coloured clothes with vibrant backgrounds you'll find it irresistible to scroll.

Sophie has spinal muscular atrophy type three, which means her muscles are extremely weak and she cannot walk or stand. Despite this, and the fashion industry’s reluctance to cater for disabilities, Sophie uses her feed to inspire women in wheelchairs to find their own style and have the confidence to express themselves through fashion.

We caught up with the colour obsessed fashionista to find out what makes her tick…

We love your Instagram feed, why did you start @FashionBellee?

Because I wanted a space to show disabled people and others that even though you might be in a wheelchair, it shouldn't stop you from being fashionable and having your own style.

You’ve become a bit of a role model for women in wheelchairs. Do you see yourself as one? 

If people see me as a role model, that's very kind! I want my platform to be able to give disabled people a voice and growing up I didn't see many wheelchair users at all in media, let alone related to fashion, so I suppose I want to help to do my part.

What are the challenges when buying clothes?

The fit of clothing and fabric are my main challenges, it's also quite hard to take an interest in certain trends because that trend may not work for me at all sitting down all day.

How can fashion designers make clothes that meet disabled customers needs?

Speak to wheelchair users!! It might be as simple as the addition of a zip or a more stretchy fabric to help with getting an item on and off, it doesn't have to be extremely complicated and I think if they realised this then they might do it more often.

There is a move in the fashion industry to represent more diverse women, do you think it’s gone far enough?

I really don't. I still don't see enough diversity within the fashion industry when it comes to catwalks and advertising in particular. There's a vast array of unique and different people in the world who all want to be represented when possible and it just isn't happening.

What does fashion mean to you?

I like the fact that I can be unique and individualistic. I love how when people see me, they comment more on my outfit than my wheelchair.

When did you colour obsession start?

Since a very early age! My Mum and Dad decorated my bedroom when I was a child and instead of wanting the pretty pastel wallpaper, I wanted the clowns with bright red, blue and green! I've never looked back!

Do you have a favourite colour? 

If I had to choose, it would be green.

Fashion must-have?

Comfy jeggings, they go with most tops and jumpers and are easy to get on and off whilst still looking put together and stylish.

Favourite item in your wardrobe?

I have a rainbow dress from Boohoo which I will wear again and again as it just makes me feel confident and happy. Funnily enough, it was super inexpensive too!

Worst fashion mistake?

I feel like a fashion mistake to me, might be a fashion goal for someone else! So I don't think there can be mistakes but there may be some outfits I don't wear again...!

Best preloved find?

It's not a find but I was VERY kindly gifted a vintage Chanel bag a few years ago from a close family friend and its such a treasured possession.

How do you relax?

I love to travel, even if it's somewhere in the UK and of course, you can't go wrong with a Netflix boxset!

Life motto?

Life's too short

Guilty pleasure?

Clothes Shopping of course! 

Dogs or Cats?

Controversial but I'm not really an animal person...! But my sister has a dog, so I'll say dogs!


You can find Sophie on Instagram here @fashionbellee. Check it out - it's fab!

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