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"How do I resist fast fashion, it's so tempting?"

Q. How do we keep up with current fashion trends, whilst not getting suckered in by fast fashion? I'm trying to be more conscious of both the environment and my purse strings but find fast fashion so tempting, and it's hard to resist.

Hope you can help, Mrs S

A. It’s hard not to get sucked into fast fashion isn’t it but here are a few tips to help…

  1. at the start of the season do a full wardrobe audit - clear out items that have seen better days/don’t fit and make a note of what you have
  2. next identify the gaps in your wardrobe - list out items you need to get full wear out of everything you own
  1. when you hit the shops be really mindful about what you’re letting into your wardrobe and spending your hard earned cash on. Ask yourself; do I feel fabulous in it, does it flatter me and lastly, can I wear it with at least 3 other items I already own? That last one is a real test but it means you can wear your new purchase immediately and it is value for money!

 My advice to all my clients is to invest in great quality trousers/jeans, bags, belts and jackets and then update these each season with a few new tops and accessories. That way you can stay current without breaking the bank or ending up with more than you need.

Answer by Anna Mewes, Personal Style & Image Consultant

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