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"I really struggle with what to wear in summer."

Q. I really struggle with what to wear in summer as I have very tiresome skin which comes out in a rash if exposed to sunlight.  So I need to be covered! I find it difficult to find lightweight clothing with long sleeves or long skirts/trousers (charity shops often come to my rescue).  I am 5ft 8 tall and reasonably slim, and I am also 66.  Any suggestions?  I feel confident in my winter clothing but I am not in love with my summer wardrobe at all! Thank you for any ideas you can offer, Margaret x

A. The key to dressing for you in the warmer months is fabric - you need natural, breathable materials that are loose fitting and don’t constrict you so you can stay cool. I would try longer dresses/skirts as you have the height to carry these off - they’ll look elegant but mean you can have bare legs without exposing them to the sunlight. A fabulous over-sized hat and some gorgeous sunglasses will add the glam factor too!

Answer by Anna Mewes, Personal Style & Image Consultant

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