60 Seconds with Rosette Ale

Rosette Ale is the founder and creative force behind Revival London, an upcycled fashion brand dedicated to planet preservation through the reworking of reclaimed denim. Her creations are unique, timeless and so damn gorgeous we knew we had to feature them on our upcylced section Re-Make. We're so excited to have Rosette onboard and you can shop her design here.

We also took the opportunity chat with Rosette and find out her story and what makes her tick.


When did you start upcycling?

Back in 2010 when I started customising my charity shop finds and blogging.


Your clothes are so good, do you have a fashion background?

I did a fashion foundation diploma in my gap year but actually studies maths and management studies!


What was your reason for founding Revival?

I love fashion and have always wanted to start a business and wanted to create something solution-focused so revival is the combination of all of that!


Do you only work with denim, if so why?

I currently work with denim as I had loads of denim in my wardrobe that I could experiment with when I first started and I also wanted to specialise in one textile which was very common before expanding the range.


Favourite item you've made?

My denim puffa jacket, a true labour of love! And more recently my puff sleeve top and skirt set.


Do you shop preloved?

Yes always, most of my wardrobe is secondhand/vintage and I’ve recently been exploring swap shops.


What’s your best preloved find?

My vintage print jacket which I bought circa 2011.


Any preloved shopping tips?

Be patient! It takes time and lots of searching to find gems.

Worst fashion mistake?

Buying into the clear/see-through bag fashion trend, eww!


How do you relax?

A nice walk or a bubble bath.


Life motto?

I can’t come and kill myself!


Guilty pleasure?

Ru Paul’s drag race.


Dogs or cats?

Dogs but I’m really obsessed with turtles/tortoises.

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